The NeoPopRealism Press Presents: And The Winners Are…

The Int’l art contest online WHAT MAKES ART ART, run by the NeoPopRealism Press ( and juried by Nadia Russ is over.

And the Winners Are:

! st Place & Out of Competition – Legend
Stefan Eins (USA)

The ! place winner, Stefan Eins (he is much above of the 1st place and is just a complete celebration of creativity) is a legend. He is an Austrian-American artist whose work has been exhibited since 1970. Stefan believes that art and scientific experimentation are the same. His creativity significantly impacted art scene and society. He is known for founding the art gallery called Fashion Moda, located in South Bronx, New York. He was exhibiting his work in different venues, including MOMA. His rich creative history includes founding of two idiosyncratic, do-it-yourself art spaces, he was an early member of the artist group Collaborative Project, Inc. (COLAB), he was running a gallery at 3 Mercer Street in NYC (1972-79), pointedly called a store not a gallery, where the artists were encouraged to show their low-priced art. The said about the artist: “… Stefan Eins played a central role in shaking up the insular, overly-intellectualized art world of the 1970s in favor of a more socially-engaged, multi-cultural art with broader public appeal…”.

Stefan arrived in New York from Vienna in 1967 and quickly joined the downtown’s art crowd. In Austria, he studied sculpture. In New York, he worked in all mediums moving forward by his belief that art was a universal impulse. Stefan Eins sees the deep connection between art and the mysteries of life, magic, science and religion. Today, he still lives in New York City, right in the heart of Manhattan, at the Times Square area, enjoying its beauty.

2nd Place Winners (Shared)
Vadim Kyrylyuk (Ukraine) & Natali Shvets (Ukraine)

One of 2nd place winners, Vadim Kyrylyuk, born in the ex-USSR, City of Vinnitsa, now Ukraine, where he lives and works today. He has the practical experience as a gardener, painter and decorator. His unique and “excessive” personality can be seen through his bright, colorful and energetic work. He is the soul and life of the Virtual Gallery CyrilO, which offers the “combination of Colors and Digits to move the beauty of the encircling Creation of Nature”. He is working with the original canvas and UV-resistant inks.

The 2nd place winner, Natali Shvets was born in Russia and then moved to Ukraine. There she got her first Zenit-M camera and visited the photo-room, where she learned a lot about her future profession of photographer. She also gained her experiences of the wedding digital photographer. During years of practice, she possessed the great sense of composition and perfection, her work is striking and meaningful. Natali traveled a lot and her camera was always with her, helping her capture unique beauty to show it others.

Since February 09, 2019, Natali Shvets have made a decision and successfully integrated with Vadim V. Kyrylyuk to expand development the CyrilO Virtual Gallery, where her personal achievements and tasks are the high-precision digital shooting and the wide format printing.

Natali Shvets, Count The Minutes, Photography, 12 x 21, 2018

3rd Place Winner
Antoinette Ellis-Williams (USA)

Dr. Antoinette Ellis-Williams is the Chair and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies at New Jersey City University. She is the social justice consultant, activist, poet, the award winning filmmaker and an artist. In her artwork, she uses the mixed media and abstract collaging to express her thoughts, feelings and emotions. She is constantly experimenting and searching to shed new light, while looking for the new layers. Today, she is conducting the ethnographic research, creating new art, poetry and prose, and creating a multi-media installation. Her BURN Project seeks to explore some of the sociopolitical, economic and cultural contexts in which the black women have experienced “Burn”. Today, she is focusing on developing her unique, visual artist’s voice and skills.

Congratulations to the winners!


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